Thai Hand from Heaven,

Our facility is a serene place that encapsulates the very essence of traditional Thai living and culture. Within this environment and through the application of Beauty and Massage treatments you can begin to unwind and relax thanks to the highly skilled hands of our staff who aim to leave you feeling rejuvenated, revitalized and ready to face the challenges that life brings.


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Massage Camberwell, Massage Northcote

Massage Type

Traditional Thai Massage (Deep Tissue)

The Traditional Thai Massage comprises a mixture of gentle stretching, stimulation of pressure points and deep tissue massage.

Combination Massage (Deep Tissue Massage and Aromatherapy Massage)

Deep Tissue Massage utilizes the techniques of acupressure points to stimulate and improve blood flow and circulation and increase energy levels. The full body Aromatherapy Massage uses a variety of essential oils applied in a gentle and soft manner tailored to your needs. It assists in reducing stress and tension.

Back, Neck and Shoulders

A therapeutic and deep massage with specific focus on the back, neck and shoulders drawing on techniques from the traditional thai massage.

Mineral Milk Lotion Massage

Comprising the best elements of Q10 minerals, vitamins, proteins and rich moisturizes this massage will assist in making your skin look younger, soft, smooth and revitalized and provide some resistance to wrinkles and the aging process.

Pregnancy Massage

With caution and and varying degrees of pressure this massage will target specific areas with the aim of relaxing and de-stressing the expectant mother.

Other Massages

Include Foot, Remedial and Relaxation

Beauty and Spa

Our wide range of treatments in Camberwell has earned us the reputation of being healers of both body and mind.

Packages - are available for weddings, special occasions, frequent customers, unlimited consultations at our Camberwell based centre.


Magic Body Essentials

- Thai body scrub, Herbal Massage and Sauna, $150 for 90 mins
- Thai body scrub, Herbal massage, Sauna, White Thai mud or Herbal Body Mask, $185 for 120 mins

Magic Facial Treatments

- The 7 step trademark/signature thai facial scrub treatment which in part includes tamarind, aloe vera honey and the king thai herb pueraria all massaged in with mineral milk. $130 for 1 hour.
- The mini step and rebirth facial scrub treatment comprising tamarind, aloe vera, honey and either the blueberry or lemon mask. $80 for 1 hour.